Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two more back to school

I've had the other girls back into the school routine for over a week now, and it's going pretty well.  Becca is benefiting from a weekly schedule since she has several activities, including her job, to work around.  Maria has been asking for a list of what she has to do each day, one she can check off.  My plan book just doesn't do it for her.  So, I made up a quick sheet for her today.  We'll see if that stops the "how many more subjects do I have to do today?"

Within the next couple of weeks Maria will begin her ballet and drama on Monday mornings, and Becca will be taking three classes at the high school co-op on Fridays.  I am praying that it will go well.  I have been pre-teaching some of the biology and American government, and it is HARD for her.  But, she is beginning to get it, and think in a better way.  I hope it will be a good experience for her, and help her get ready to be in a college classroom!

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