Thursday, September 17, 2009

It Is Not Knowledge

I read this in "Magnificat " yesterday and it really struck a chord with me.  It is from Dom Guillerand, who was a French Carthusian monk and a revered spiritual author.  It was a great reminder to me, and made me think of my mom, who acted like this every day.

   "There is no need to wait for that knowledge which is the result of study before acting in the region of our relations with God.  Religion is belief:  but above all, it is practice.  It is not knowledge.  It is a mutual exchange of love, and it is in this exchange that God reveals himself.  He reveals himself in the measure in which we love him, not according to our learning, even in the matter of our religion.
    It is not necessary to know precisely all the perfections of God, nor to be able to expound eloquently all the arguments which prove his existence.  How many souls pass the whole of their lives without knowing these things, and yet how profound is their knowledge of him, how warm their fervor, and how intensely real their relations with him.  
  These souls look upon God as a Father, who is unceasingly communicating to them his thoughts and desires, and it is by these thoughts and desires they live.  He becomes, as it were, their very soul and their innermost life.  His Spirit abides in the depths of their spirit, enlightening, encouraging, and directing all the inner resources that they possess.  And they love the Father, and hold converse with him.  They share with him their joys and their sorrows, and he is the secret confidant of all their hours.  He is there, in the depth of their soul, waiting to receive them into his intimate dwelling-place the moment they turn to him.  They recognize him, and they know that is is he who is calling them, whenever an interior voice invites them to think of him.  Their minds meet inevitably, and thus they enter into a relationship at once living, continuous, and full of delight - a relationship between the soul and its divine Guest, which grows in intensity."

It is all about love, the love we share in relationship with God.  And when we have that living relationship with God it overflows into all of our other relationships.

Thank you, mom, for nurturing the gift of my faith and being such an awesome example of being in relationship with God.  I love you!

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