Friday, August 21, 2009

Another first day...

and it's hard to believe that Jenna is back to school beginning her sophomore year.  It was so hard to let her leave homeschooling as an 8th grader, but she has transitioned beautifully over the past two years.  She is really blossoming into a beautiful young woman of God.  I'm proud of you, sweetie!  Love you lots!

I am not a writer.

So why did I decide to create a blog?

There are several reasons, really. I have been inspired by several Catholic homeschooling blogging moms who are always ready to share a peek into their daily domestic churches. I have used many of their ideas for faith, family, schooling, and home-making. It got me thinking about how to better integrate all the aspects of my life, and even how to organize all of the resources I use on the web. I decided to try a blog, not because I feel I have such great ideas to share, but as a way to keep track of all my own ideas, plans, and musings.

And now, off to geometry with Becca!

Blessings to you,
Mary Beth